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At length, at six in the morning, Siraj-ud-Daulah awoke, and ordered the door to be opened. Holwell [from whose narrative, published in the Annual Register for 1758, this account is partly derived], remained alive, and they were either stupefied or raving.

Lord Curzon, on becoming Viceroy in 1899, noticed that there was nothing to mark the spot and commissioned a new monument, mentioning the prior existence of Holwell's; it was erected in 1901 at the corner of Dalhousie Square, which is said to be the site of the 'Black Hole'. Jenks, Revely, Law, Coales, Valicourt, Jeb, Torriano, E. Thomas Pynchon refers to the Black Hole of Calcutta in the historical novel Mason & Dixon (1997).

After news of Calcutta's capture was received by the British in Madras (now Chennai) in August 1756, Lieut. Robert Clive was sent to retaliate against the Indians. Sea Captains — Hunt, Osburne, Purnell (survived the night; died on the morn), Messrs. Parker, Caulker, Bendall, Atkinson, Leech, &c., &c.

With his troops and local Indian allies, Clive recaptured Calcutta in January 1757, and went on to defeat Siraj ud-Daudalah at the Battle of Plassey, which resulted in Siraj being overthrown as Nawab of Bengal, and killed. Drake, Carse, Knapton, Gosling, Bing, Dod, Dalrymple, V. Military Captains — Clayton, Buchanan, Witherington. Lieutenants — Bishop, Ifays, Blagg, Simson, Bellamy. The list of the men and women who survived their imprisonment in the Black Hole of Calcutta: Messrs.

There were only two windows, and a projecting veranda outside, and thick iron bars within impeded the ventilation, while fires, raging in different parts of the fort, suggested an atmosphere of further oppressiveness.

The prisoners were packed so tightly that the door was difficult to close.

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