The undertaker and michelle mccool dating

The Undertaker is perhaps the biggest superstar in all of the sports entertainment.The brainchild of Vince Mc Mahon has given birth of a myth that will remain along with all the WWE fans, forever.

She gave birth to her first child Kaia Faith Calaway on 29 August 2012; for Calaway, it was his fourth child.

At the same time, they're about to make a decision that neither side knows will change them forever. Helmsley Kingdom, Eprea Empire, Angel Kingdom, Bright-Blade Territories and Darkness Realm.

Only some of their beliefs remain in the world today, and something they wished died with their world, War, Love, Peace, Power and the debt everyone must pay.

Michelle Leigh Mc Cool (née Calaway) is a retired Diva wrestler (born in January 25th 1980) in WWE. Michelle Mc Cool is very protective towards the Divas and WWE Superstars, she sometimes loses her temper by yelling in frustration, she confronted Beth Phoenix who vows to get the Woman Championship back and she slapped her in the face, she sometimes confront Maryse for no reason in a feud with her friends.

After losing a match Loser leaves WWE, Michelle Mc Cool is a retired Diva but an former Diva, she married to the legendary wrestler The Undertaker in 2010 after she meets him in late 2007 and together, they had their daughter Kaia Faith born on August 2012.

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